Libs Balk as Blackwell Calls Border Crisis a Violation of American Sovereignty

Ken Blackwell–former Ohio secretary of state and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations–went into the lions’ den to square off against the Left on immigration and other issues. 

MSNBC did its version of “fair and balanced”–meaning Blackwell was with two liberals as his fellow panelists, in a discussion moderated by a staunchly liberal host.

Here’s the video:

The liberals on camera seemed astounded when Blackwell made the comment that the flood of humanity over the southern border is a violation of American sovereignty. He made the point that it’s over 1,000 miles to get from any point on Mexico’s southern border to its northern border with America.

Blackwell pointed out a little boy or girl cannot travel across a nation like that alone. Someone is helping them in a systematic and deliberate fashion.

Seems to me there are only two possibilities. One is criminal enterprises, whether it’s the violent gangs or the drug cartels. The other possibility is government is at least choosing to look the other way. 


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