Horrors of ISIS

How bad is the genocidal terror state created across Syria and Iraq on Barack Obama’s watch?  This bad:

Yazidis in Iraq are telling stories of mass murder and rape to their relatives abroad – including in Israel, where (contrary to the endless stream of garbage pumped by the terrorists of Hamas and their sympathizers) minorities are protected and human rights are respected.  “Two hundred and fifty men were killed while Islamic State men stood around holding a flag that says Allahu Akbar,” one Yazidi told his brother in Israel.

Obama announced action against the Islamic State as if that chamber of horrors sprang into existence last night, and he immediately leaped into action against it.  Nonsense.  He’s known this stuff was happening for weeks and months.  Contrary to his feeble excuses about learning everything at the same time we do, by watching the news, he gets presidential intelligence briefings.  The brutality shown by ISIS toward Christians has been a matter of record for a long time, and Obama said nothing.  No surprise the Islamists are even more brutal toward the Yazidis, who they consider “devil worshipers.”

This was all as predictable as the sunrise, but Obama did nothing, said nothing, until global media lit up with pictures of those fifty thousand people stranded on the slopes of the mountain that looms above their ancestral homeland, dying of hunger and exposure.  Obama acted at the exact moment his political team told him he couldn’t afford to ignore the situation and continue with his vacation plans.  Let’s be brutally frank: he acted when his adviser Valerie Jarrett told him he had to.

Foreign policy is all about timing.  Stopping ISIS when it was on the move into Mosul – with an almost laughably small initial invasion force that nevertheless caused Iraqi forces to break and run – would have been relatively simple.  Protecting communities under their thrall from ethnic cleansing is vastly more difficult.  Ejecting them from their conquered territory is impossible with only a few targeted bombing runs.  They’re mixed in with civilian targets now, and they won’t hesitate to take hostages.  They can threaten to blow up the Mosul dams.  They’re far stronger, better armed, and better financed than they were when they first came across the Syrian border, and the Iraqi government made that fabled 3AM phone call to Barack Obama, only to get his voice mail.

And no matter what happens next, there’s no way to bring back the people ISIS has already murdered, no way to undo the rape and pillage.  Obama treats foreign policy like he’s in college writing a thesis about something that happened a long time ago.  But the present is bad, and the future might be worse.  If ISIS uses its manpower and resources to launch terror strikes in the West – something they are very interested in doing – the same people trying to cover for Obama’s incompetence today will be asking why nobody stopped the Islamic State long ago, when it could have been done with relative ease.

Edit: More horrors of ISIS are chronicled by the UK Daily Mail, including photos of ISIS death squads lining up dozens of bound prisoners and executing them… followed by the occasional crucifixion of the corpses.  


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