Meet The Democrats' New US Senate Candidate For Montana

Her name is Amanda Curtis and she’s evidently an avid youtuber.

She’s been chosen to be the Democrats’ replacement candidate for Sen. John Walsh, who threw in the towel earlier this month over plagiarism allegations. 

What can we glean from her remarks on youtube? Lots.

Amanda Curtis is…

1. Anti 1st *2nd Amendment: She ridicules the idea that some women might want to exercise their right to bear arms to protect themselves.

2. A Keynesian Big Spender: She ridicules the idea that the national debt might be a burden on our children.

3. Hostile to Christianity: She ridicules someone who “talked about God almighty and natural law, and the bible and biblical this and biblical that…”

4. Anti-Family Values: She ridicules the idea that “the most basic form of government in Montana is the family.”

5. Pro-ObamaCare: Ridicules those who are against Medicaid expansion.

6. Openly Socialist: “Shhh, don’t tell anyone we’re socializing something and everyone agrees we should do it.”

7. Simmering with Rage: “It was so hard to sit through that and not walk across the floor and punch him.”

8. An anarchist at heart: “Ya know, as an anarchist at heart…”

Jim Geraghty, speaking for most Republicans:

*Sorry about the brain-fart. Yes I know the difference between the 1st and 2nd Amendments!