Iowa's Bruce Braley – The John Edwards of 2014

Iowa Democrat and Senate candidate Rep Bruce Braley continues to devolve into something of a political caricature. It’s gotten so bad even The Daily Beast has taken note.

A new ad out from America Rising reveals Braley’s inspiration for getting into politics was none other then John ‘Pretty Boy” Edwards, who went on to implode on the national stage perhaps even a bit more notoriously than Bruce Braley has thus far in Iowa.

Put another way in words Braley would no doubt appreciate, who needs “a farmer from Iowa who never went to law school” like Chuck Grassley in the Senate when you can have another pretty boy poseur and trial lawyer like him?

The new ad, see below, entitled “Pretty Boy” may well leave a mark Braley can ill afford given his many previous missteps.

“John Edwards went to law school. I went to law school. He’s practice law for 20 years. I’ve spent 24 years of my life law. … So as you can see we have nothing in common.”


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