New York Times Ignores Immigration Issue in Mid-Terms

The New York Times would like you to believe that immigration is not the significant issue it now clearly is in the mid-term elections and instead wants to focus on an issue that is marginally divisive for Republicans – the Import/Export Bank.

In an election cycle where no single issue is animating voters, the relatively obscure lender, which provides loans and loan guarantees to foreign buyers of American products, has become an unlikely source of prominent campaign friction.

Yet, in state after state and poll after poll, it’s increasingly clear, when Republicans go after their Democrat opponents and the White House for their pro-amnesty positions, the issue is proving pivotal among mid-term voters.

That pro-amnesty groups have “gone silent” does not mean immigration is a non-issue in 2014. They’ve gone silent because they are on the wrong side of the one issue that’s emerged as key in November. 

The leading pro-immigration reform groups have gone suddenly silent before the midterms. Why that matters.

And now, just like pro-amnesty groups, rather than acknowledge the truth, the New York Times seeks to sweep it under the rug and focus on a much less important issue, instead.