Sen. Al Franken Criticizes President Obama's Lack of ISIS Strategy

Senator Franken sent a letter to Attorney General Holder Tuesday in which he was critical of President Obama’s handling of the response to ISIS.

“I was troubled by the President’s recent suggestion that the Administration has not yet developed a comprehensive strategy to address the growing threat of ISIL’s activities in Syria,” Franken writes. He adds, “We must act diligently and responsibly to prevent Americans from taking up arms with ISIL, or from reentering our country if they do.”

Franken’s letter mentions the fact that one American from Minnesota has already been killed fighting with ISIS. He suggests the Justice Department should “focus its resources” in places where terrorist recruitment is “happening at higher rates, such as Minnesota.”

In fact, two Americans from Minnesota have been killed fighting with ISIS. Douglas McCain and Abdirahmaan Muhumed were confirmed to have died in the same battle. Prior to fleeing to Syria to join ISIS, Muhumed worked for Delta at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Authorities believe “as many as 15 men and one woman” have traveled to Syria from Minnesota to fight with ISIS.

With the 2014 midterm elections just two months away, many Democrats have been eager to distance themselves from President Obama. However, it’s not clear that Franken’s criticism of the President is a response to electoral pressure. Real Clear Politics shows him holding a 10-point lead over his opponent, Mike McFadden.


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