Even in time of war, it's all about the Barack Obama soap opera

In response to Obama As ISIS Adviser?:

If that quote from Obama is accurate, the man needs to be in a mental hospital somewhere, not the Oval Office.  Granted this is all second-hand info from journalists interviewing each other about yet another off-the-record media meet-and-greet from the Most Transparent Administration In History, but if Obama really is holding bull sessions in which he pretends he’s an ISIS adviser with a great plan to release the hostages with notes pinned to their chests…  

As is so often the case with this hollow shell of a media-supported presidency, just imagine George Bush said something like that, and we learned about it the day after the latest beheading.

Of course Obama is straight-up lying about having been “headed toward a military response before the men’s deaths,” but it’s interesting as a psychological profile of this miserable failure of a President that he might seriously think releasing live hostages with little notes pinned to their chests would “undercut support for military intervention.”  That sure as heck isn’t how messages are sent by the low-lifes in Obama’s native Chicago.  It’s such a perfect example of the ivory-tower mindset.  America will pay for its folly in putting such a man in the White House for generations to come.  

Isn’t he basically admitting that the only reason he came off his golf-and-fundraiser retirement plan to grudgingly do something about ISIS is because their taunts and outrages make him look weak, so he’s got to drop some bombs to save his poll numbers?  If they were handing back live hostages and putting up No Trespassing signs around northern Iraq, he’d leave them alone, but the Yazidi genocide and the hostage beheadings dragged him kicking and screaming back to the Oval Office.  

From there we could get into the sheer absurdity of imagining that ISIS would be even momentarily interested in some community organizer’s advice to slap Post-Its on their hostages and send them on their merry.  What’s next, Obama’s Really Deep Thoughts about how he would have advised Osama bin Laden to fly past the World Trade Center and drop leaflets on 9/11?  He doesn’t understand what we’re up against, and he’s allowing the enemy to retain the initiative.  It’s more obvious than ever that Barack Obama is not equal to the moment that history has placed before him; if he had any real respect and affection for his country, he’d admit he’s out of his depth and step aside, taking his ridiculous cabinet with him.  John Kerry’s still out there trying to decide if using the word “war” is appropriate or not.  He doesn’t need to be anywhere near the office of Secretary of State to have that conversation with himself.  He can do it in privacy on his yacht, the S.S. Tax Evasion.

The thing I love most about that New York Times article you linked is that the whole thing is pure soap opera, including the title: “Paths to War, Then and Now, Haunt Obama.”  Nobody gives a rat’s rear end what “haunts” Obama.  This is not a scene in a movie about his super-awesome life.  The opening paragraphs are ridiculous:

“I was not here in the run-up to Iraq in 2003,” he told a group of visitors who met with him in the White House before his televised speech to the nation, according to several people who were in the meeting. “It would have been fascinating to see the momentum and how it builds.”

In his own way, Mr. Obama said, he had seen something similar, a virtual fever rising in Washington, pressuring him to send the armed forces after the Sunni radicals who had swept through Iraq and beheaded American journalists. He had told his staff, he said, not to evaluate their own policy based on external momentum. He would not rush to war. He would be deliberate.

“But I’m aware I pay a political price for that,” he said.

His introspection that afternoon reflected Mr. Obama’s journey from the candidate who wanted to wind down America’s overseas wars to the commander in chief who just resumed and expanded one. For Mr. Obama, that spring of 2003, when President George W. Bush sent troops to topple Saddam Hussein, has framed his own presidency. He has spent nearly six years trying to avoid repeating it.

You know, most of the people who were there in the run-up to Iraq in 2003 are still alive, and would be available to advise this naif on what needs to be done, but his arrogance and blinkered ideology leave him consulting a bunch of left-wing reporters for advice instead of getting in touch with the people who actually know what they’re doing.  Everyone who isn’t an Obama dead-ender has to cringe when they hear him babble about how it would have been fascinating to watch a real White House deal with a crisis.  He’s still talking about all this like it’s an academic exercise, still pushing his party-line bunkum about how Bush “rushed to war” – one of the great enduring lies of American politics, and it’s not comforting to think the people running the show now might actually believe it, because it means they’re not studying what Bush actually did, and why.  

And as that last quoted paragraph makes clear, this is still all about politics and positioning to Obama, not national security, the safety of Americans abroad, or protecting this country’s interests around the world.  His entire strategy is hobbled by his all-consuming fear of saying or doing anything that would validate George Bush and make the loony-left base voters of the Democrat Party angry.  This nation is in peril because of Obama’s political blinders.


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