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The Grotesque Consumerism of People's Climate March Attendees


People who are dedicated to “saving the planet” have a lot of interesting ideas about how to go about doing so, and it usually involves other people giving things up. 

Hundreds of thousands of such people took to the streets of New York City Sunday to call for more action to combat global warming. It’s unknown how many of “the people” were paid to “volunteer” their time at the rally, but I imagine the bulk of them were made up of true believers.

On the scene for Reason TV was Kmele Foster, co-host of Fox Business’ The Independents, asking participants what they would do to heal the ailing planet. 

“We live in a grotesque era where we have everything we want all the time right now,” one woman complained. 

“I think having less is actually very freeing,” said aging hippy #1.

“I think we just have way too much stuff and we use energy like it’s never going to run out and it will run out eventually,” said aging hippy #2.

“Turn everything off,” said aging hippy #3.

If “grotesque” consumerism is the problem, and getting by with less is the solution, how do they explain the grotesque mess that was left by the Starbucks drinking, Styrofoam, paper, plastic, and diesel fuel consuming consumers at the People’s Climate March?

Via Twitchy: 

I’m not a climate alarmist, but even if I were, I wouldn’t look to people who don’t even know how to clean up after themselves for solutions to the problem.


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