Will ObamaCare Break The Mid-Term Bank?

According to a new Bloomberg View item, “a new study out this week from Bloomberg Government threatens to bring the Affordable Care Act back to center stage — and in a way that will likely hurt the electoral chances of incumbent Democrats, all of whom voted for the law”. 

According to the report, the Affordable Care Act “has far exceeded anyone’s estimates (or imaginations)” when it comes to cost.

To date, the report concludes that the health-care law has cost taxpayers $73 billion. And that number doesn’t include projected spending on the law’s Medicaid expansion, which if included would bring costs to more than $90 billion. The study’s estimate is even higher than the Congressional Budget Office’s “high” cost projection for the law — $71.2 billion by the end of 2014.

Certainly it’s possible but two things would have to happen for it to have any additional impact. The headlines now filled with tales of terrorism would have to have room for it and the GOP would have to push it to the top of the agenda, as polls show it’s already fallen from the minds of voters. That could prove to be a risky proposition, especially with many mid-term ad buys, or air time already locked in.


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