Alan Grayson’s Divorce Drama Continues, Wife Says He Is A Slumlord

More drama is comingout of Congressman Alan Grayson’s divorce case, this time he is being accusedby his “estranged wife,” Lolita of being a slum lord.


Mrs. Grayson filedcourt papers citing that the congressman “failed to pay” for muchneeded repairs for their 5,300 square-foot Orlando home.


Lolita Grayson statedthat the house’s roof was leaking, there were broken window that allowed theweather to get it, which has caused a “significant mold problem”.


“The wife hasbeen a stay-at-home wife and mother and is financially dependent on herhusband,” the filing said. “The wife has no financial resources tocontribute to the repairs and maintenance of the marital residence.”

LolitaGrayson’s attorney, Mercedes Wechsler, said in an interview Thursday that thehome’s condition was “horrible.”

So what do you thinkAlan Grayson said about the condition of the home?


AlanGrayson’s attorney, Mark NeJame, said the congressman from Orlando wasproviding for his family, spending more than $10,000 a month on the home’smortgage, child support, utilities and household expenses. Besides the fouryounger children living at home, the couple has an adult child in school and heis paying the tuition, NeJame said.

“Ifshe is a poor housekeeper, that’s her issue, not his,” NeJame wrong and untrue.”

Yes, Grayson is paying$10K to support his family, but if his wife does not earn a dime, and the roomover your kid’s head is leaking, why not just have the roof fixed, and avoidanother embarrassing media moment?




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