NM State University Prez Encourages Students To 'Vote As Often As Possible'

The cynical phrase, “vote early — and often” has been attributed to various corrupt Chicago pols, but that sentiment is not limited to Chicago, the president of a university in New Mexico recently proved.

On Friday, an email was sent out by Cheri Jimeno, Ph.D., the President of New Mexico State University Alamogordo to university students encouraging them to vote early and “as often as possible.”
Via Gateway Pundit:    

“Remember – early voting is available through Saturday. Please be sure to turn over your ballots to read about GO Bond A, GO Bond B and GO Bond C. Yep, Bond B and C have a direct (and wonderful) impact on NMSU-A. So, if you are going to vote “yes” on the bonds, I would encourage you to vote as often as possible…..the passage of any of the bonds will NOT increase taxes!”

The most charitable take here is Ms. Jimeno miscommunicated. Surely, the president of a state university wouldn’t encourage students to commit voter fraud.

Unfortunately, this news came as the first case of voter fraud in New Mexico this election was confirmed by the Rio Arriba County Clerk’s Office.

According to the Rio Arriba County Clerk’s office, a voter trying to cast an early ballot in Espanola Saturday was told he had already voted three days prior.

The man told poll workers he hadn’t voted. He was then shown the signature of the voter, but he says it wasn’t his signature.

Officials say they were able to confirm that the signature on the original ballot did not match the legal voter’s signature on file.


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