Allen West Signs On As CEO Of National Center for Policy Analysis

Fox News contributor and former congressman Allen West is taking the job of CEO at the Dallas-based and non-profit National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), a think tank founded in 1983.

The group says that since its inception, their goal has been to “develop and promote private, free-market alternatives to government regulation and control, solving problems by relying on the strength of the competitive, entrepreneurial private sector”.

My goal is for NCPA to be the preeminent Constitutional Conservative policy analysis entity, not advocacy group. We want to align ourselves with the fundamental principles of governance of America as a Constitutional Republic and promote the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual sovereignty, free market economy, and strong national defense.

As we examine the policies in synchronization with the governing philosophy and principles, we become focused not on party but rather effective and efficient governing policy – and we must be able to simply articulate that in the public sphere.

NCPA’s current focus is on tax, retirement, healthcare, energy, education, and raw material policy. As we further develop NCPA as a policy center and nexus, the objective is to expand to the three legs of security – economic, energy, and national. We seek not only to advocate to elected federal lawmakers, but to be “America’s Think Tank” by becoming a repository of information where Americans can turn to find principled analysis. That means we want our message to reach the kitchen tables of everyday Americans – the middle income family.

And we want to hear back from you, my fellow Americans, to garner your input and also your ideas. Most of all, I look forward to expanding our base of volunteers at NCPA and our next generation group of interns who will set the stage for our future statesmen and women.

Why these three categories of security? They will keep our think tank on target and purpose-driven.

Economic security assesses the tax, regulatory, government spending, and monetary reforms that affect the advancement of a free market economic system. In this leg we also must continue to address the issue of healthcare reform and spending considering it is one-sixth of our economy. It is critical that we never lose sight of free market ideals and solutions – not government-driven.

Our economy has drifted to one drive more by government spending driven than the free market – and critical to that are our small businesses. We must examine our budgetary process — how can we move away from the baseline process towards a zero-based budget — and what the true solutions are for the mandatory spending side of our budget. We must slow down the debt clock.

Energy security is vital, as we should be producing, consuming, and exporting our energy resources here in America. Part of the 21st century battlefield is energy resources – just look at how Vladimir Putin leverages it against Europe. NCPA can be a leader in analyzing the full spectrum development of our energy resources – an energy Manhattan Project. And this leg promotes our economic growth, offering better opportunities for Americans — as we see emanating from the Bakken fields in North Dakota.-Allen West website


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