The Liberal Landslide Away From Mary Landrieu

Imagine the sinking feeling you might experience if the very ground you were walking on began to fall away beneath your feet. That’s likely how Mary Landrieu feels as the liberal wing of her own party cuts and  runs on her just when she needs them most.

There are reasons why this is happening now.

Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., is vulnerable; she needs help. Instead, liberals are shamelessly turning their backs on the three-term senator.

Landrieu gets it and they don’t like it. Hollywood and simpatico leftist political writers have long loved Robert Redford asking, “what do we do now?” at the end of “The Candidate.” It suits them to think they must perpetually guide elected officials.

The so called centrist, or old Clinton wing of the Democrat Party was devastated in this year’s mid-terms, not the Progressive wing. If anything, progressives are ascendant, if not already dominant, within the party. It’s hard to imagine them caring  too much, even for one of their own struggling in a Red State without the cover of several other races to hide the hypocrisy required were they to go all in for Mary.

Additionally, Obama just hyped a potentially unworkable energy deal with China. Try and square that with the party pulling out all the stops to save Landrieu in a state where fossil fuels still reign. It does not compute. The now more progressive than ever Democrat Party is looking to the future and there’s not much room for the likes of a Mary Landrieu in it. 

Reid may try to prop her up with a vote on the Keystone pipeline; however, that will require Republican support to pass. There’s also no guarantee that Obama wouldn’t veto it. At this point, Mary Landrieu sticks out like a sore thumb in an ever more Left-leaning Democrat  Party and unfortunately for Landrieu, her liberal colleagues appear more willing to cut her off, than suck it up.


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