Note To Media: Stop Calling What Happened In Ferguson Last Night, ‘Protests’

Contrary to what Brian Williams said last night, the grand jury didn’t “fail” to indict Darren Wilson. They rendered a decision based on the evidence. What would Williams call indicting a law enforcement officer just to placate an angry mob  – success?

Other cities across the nation may have had “protests,” but Ferguson, Missouri had itself a full fledged race riot with irrational fury, wanton destruction, and of course that mainstay of every serious “protest” against perceived racial injustice – opportunistic looting. It was grotesque and disheartening. 

When an angry mob is looting and torching businesses – 25 of them, mostly minority owned – the word for that isn’t “protest.” It was a violent, senseless riot, encouraged by the Obama/Holder approved racial grievance industry, and its allies in the media to spur “change” in the form of police reforms across the country as both Holder and Obama have explicitly said. In Obama’s “post-racial America,”  the preferred outcome would have been for the innocent white officer to have been hung out to dry as an example to other police officers committed to enforcing the law. But not to worry – the decision in Ferguson can still lead to the “critical reforms” Obama/Holder/Sharpton have in mind for police forces across the nation. Look to Mayor Bill De Blasio’s reforms in NYC (where the crime rate is already ticking back up) as an example of what they want to inflict on the rest of the nation.

Obama punted last night. He could have told the mob that their rage wasn’t justifiable – that justice had taken place and they should go home and focus on raising good kids who don’t rob convenience stores and attack cops.  Instead the Community Organizer in Chief said, “stay peaceful” when he knew it was too little and too late (as evidenced by the split screen showing rioters attacking a police car.) He said he understood their disappointment and anger, but had no word at all for the law enforcement officer whose whole life was upended because he “followed his training and followed the law.”

How many more days until this abominable era of lawlessness is over?


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