New video: Gruber boasts of helping to write ObamaCare

It’s a good thing lying in sworn testimony before Congress isn’t a crime for liberals, or slippery con artist Jonathan Gruber would be a world of hurt.  Under oath, Gruber became a brain-damaged basket case who can’t remember anything he ever said or did related to the failed health-care scheme, a man who suffered such profound memory loss and cognitive impairment that not only should he be kept out of classrooms, he probably shouldn’t be allowed to operate an automobile.  What happens if he forgets what the traffic signs mean while he’s speeding across Washington to collect his next bag of taxpayer cash?  (And if he’s the clueless, boastful dolt he pretended to be in Congressional hearings, can we recover all the money he was paid by government agencies for his non-existent expertise?)

But away from those Congressional hearing rooms, Gruber portrays himself as the omnicompetent savant who served as one of the primary designers of the Affordable Care Act, the slick political technician who taught Barack Obama how to lie, lie, lie, and lie some more, in order to conceal his true agenda and sucker the American people into accepting a scheme that wouldn’t have submitted to in a million years, if presented honestly.  Here’s the new video in which Gruber brags of having helped to write the Affordable Care Act:

Fraud, deception, misrepresentation… these are the tools of ObamaCare, from the instant of its misbegotten conception, to the latest Democrat effort to defy the will of the American people and keep it alive.  Everything about the Affordable Care Act is an absolute lie, including the phony numbers pumped out by the Department of Health and Human Services to win a little positive news coverage about enrollment.  (Whaddaya know – they double-counted all kinds of junk to inflate the enrollment figures to 8 million.  Who could have seen that coming?  Oh, right: anyone who paid the slightest attention to how this con job has been perpetrated since Day One.)

They’ve also lied remorselessly about the people hurt by ObamaCare, denying their existence or impugning their motives for stepping forward to tell their stories.  The biggest swindle in Washington involves pretending nobody is hurt by a Big Government program, and nobody really has to pay the bills.  Even self-described ObamaCare supporters who endorse some of its results are beginning to complain openly about its failures, frustrations, and broken promises.  The consequences they complain most vociferously about tend to be exactly the same things Obama, Gruber, and the rest of the crew promised would never happen.

The Democrats are going to have to crank their malarkey machine up to turbo speed next year, when the IRS has to deal with reclaiming the huge volume of subsidy payments incorrectly doled out by the bugtastic website, confusing subsidy calculations, and uncertain eligibility data.  Or maybe the Democrats will insist that overpaid subsidies should be kept by the lucky ACA lottery winners, and only a mean old tightwad Republican would insist on squeezing blood from a stone to make the Treasury whole.  Maybe we’ll dig up another Gruber video where he crows that overpaid subsidies were a secret part of the plan all along.

The Supreme Court can’t put an end to this fast enough.  Let’s be done with the illegal subsidies for federal exchange customers, shut down the system that suddenly becomes unsustainable without them, and set about disproving the biggest ObamaCare lie of all: that America can’t do better than this.