Dan Patrick Returns Fire on Patterson, Says Mother Offended

Dan Patrick Returns Fire on Patterson, Says Mother Offended

State Senator Dan Patrick was recently accused by Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson of hypocrisy and hiring illegal aliens years prior. Both are candidates in a tough Republican primary. Senator Patrick is known for taking a tough stance on illegal immigration in Texas, therefore, the allegations exploded within the state. Breitbart Texas reported on the allegations and welcomed Senator Patrick to respond. The full response letter is posted below:

I read your story with interest and appreciate the opportunity to respond. Let’s review the case made in the latest desperate attack by my opponents and the liberal media.

1. Patterson admits that he is collaborating with Democrat politicians and paying a detective to dig up dirt on me that is 30 years old.

2. Patterson’s detective finds a former restaurant employee, out of hundreds, who says a manager, not me, hired him around 1984 as a dishwasher.

3. The worker admits when required to fill out a W-4 employment form he supplied false documents and social security number.

4. The worker says I was personally very kind to him and goes on to allege other preposterous events that are not true and which he offers no evidence. 

5. The worker says I wrote a letter of recommendation in order for him to become a legal citizen. I simply don’t recall that. It was 30 years ago. I barely remember him.

6. Now Patterson says he has found two more former employees who say they worked for me but never met me.

The worker’s story clears me of any involvement in his hiring and he says he gave us false documents. My mom was my bookkeeper in 1984 and handled payroll. She is a stickler about following the rules and the law. (In 1984, there wasn’t an E-verify system). My mom and I would have never violated the law. She is 87 now but is greatly offended by this. 

The most important fact to know is that I am the only candidate with a record of fighting against illegal immigration as a Senator and I will continue to do so as Lt. Governor. My opponents cannot defeat me on my record so they attack me with last minute dirty political tricks that aren’t true. 

Jerry Patterson stated in the El Paso Times that he wants to give illegal aliens “legal status” 2/07/2013. Last week, he told the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce “we would be foolish not to consider amnesty.” Todd Staples has piled on and spreads Patterson’s sleazy political attack while denying that he voted for illegal immigrants to receive in-state tuition, driver’s licenses and FREE healthcare as a Senator. David Dewhurst has now joined the chorus despite expanding in-state tuition for illegals and failing to lead the Senate on this important issue. 

The conservative voters of Texas do not want a Lt. Governor who conspires with Democrats and hires detectives to dig into people’s background. Nor do they want a Lt. Governor who denies the truth about their voting record of rewarding illegal immigration. Texans want a Lt. Governor who has worked to adequately fund border security and fought to pass a prohibition on sanctuary cities, require the use of e-verify and repeal social enticements to illegal immigrants like in-state tuition.

I’m focused on the issues that are important to conservatives and the future of Texas; not dirty politics. I hope you will vote for me and reject the status quo politics of my opponents.

State Senator Dan Patrick (Houston)


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