Tea Party Groups Across Texas 'Disavow' Rep. Steve Stockman

Tea Party Groups Across Texas 'Disavow' Rep. Steve Stockman

A coalition of Texas tea party organizations led by Grassroots America WE THE PEOPLE PAC fired off a public letter denouncing U.S. Congressman Steve Stockman less than a day after Breitbart Texas published an investigative report concerning the embattled candidate. 

The coalition took a direct line against what they call Rep. Stockman’s “lazy” campaign efforts and what they claim are “unethical activities:”

As your campaign rolled into 2014, Texans have witnessed what might be the laziest statewide campaign to date. The media salted your staff with questions, but these questions were sneered at and rebuffed. (Slate, Feb 20, “Steve Stockman’s Campaign Flips Out Because I Pointed Out It Wouldn’t Tell Reporters If/Where the Candidate Was”)…

Thus, questions have been raised about exactly what strategy and goal you have employed in your bid to become the next US Senator from Texas. Based on your response to media inquiries, you apparently believe you don’t have to answer to anybody. But, we have the answer now, don’t we Mr. Stockman? 

The answers didn’t come from your campaign, but from hundreds of thousands Texans who began to receive emails and mailers from groups that urged voters to select you as their champion on issue after issue. The problem is that these groups largely exist outside of Texas. As this persisted, the media began to pick up on this tactic and reported on it. (Texas Tribune, Feb 23, “Stockman Campaign Denies It Was Behind Mailer“) Then we learn that your campaign or its associates might have violated FEC regulations by printing and distributing a fake newspaper (Breitbart, Feb 26, “Pro-Rep. Steve Stockman Last Minute Mailings Constitute Possible FEC Violations“). There is nothing in this conduct that represents the Tea Party, Rep. Stockman. It’s not as though this is your first time pulling these stunts. You were accused of doing so in the 1990s and were charged with a $40,000 fine by the FEC.

If Grassroots America WE THE PEOPLE PAC’s hand-washing of Rep. Stockman was not clear enough, they added, “we disavow your lack of accessibility to the people of Texas during this campaign and these unethical activities.”

Cosigners of the letter report from across Texas, to include leadership from Sam Houston, Cypress, Anderson County-Palestine, Kaufman, Highland Lakes, Leon, Llano, Pearland and Alvin Tea Parties. A leader from Tea Team Texas signed as well.

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