Dallas Man 'Chucky Blood' Faces Life in Prison for Child Sex Trafficking

Dallas Man 'Chucky Blood' Faces Life in Prison for Child Sex Trafficking

DALLAS, TX.–24-year-old Keith Williams, better known by friends as “Chucky Blood,” could face 10 years to life in prison, plus pay a $250,000 fine, for sex trafficking a minor. 25-year-old Erin Patton, Williams’ co-defendant, is facing the same charge. 

During September 2012, a 14-year-old girl, “Jane Doe,” ran away from home and subsequently met Dallas-based Patton. Jane Doe stayed at Patton’s home and was provided with a cell phone–in exchange, the teen engaged in paid sex acts and passed earnings to Patton. Patton posted ads on Mocospace and, and would then drive Jane Doe to various locations that answered ads. 

The teen ran away from home again in November 2012, and re-connected with Patton who introduced her to Williams.

Williams and Patton told the girl she could stay with them if she would engage in the same kinds of behavior as before in order to “pay for her expenses.” The two adults posted more ads on and facilitated the teen to various locations–continuing to collect earnings. 

Williams went to jail briefly at this time, but Patton continued her relationship with Jane Doe.

Jane Doe returned home for a short time, but came back to Patton and Williams in April 2013. 

In May 2013, Dallas police officers spotted 15-year-old Jane Doe in an area notorious for prostitution. The teen was in a parked car. 

Eventually, Williams showed up at the scene and admitted to police that he had been facilitating the prostitution of Jane Doe by posting ads online and then driving her to various locations. 

Williams appeared in court on Wednesday where he pled guilty to the sex trafficking of a minor. U.S. District Judge David C. Godbey is set to sentence Williams on June 9. Patton, who is facing the same charge, is going to trial on June 2. U.S. Attorney Cara Foos Pierce is prosecuting the case.

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