Illegal Immigrant Allegedly Tried to Kill Border Patrol Agent in Texas

Illegal Immigrant Allegedly Tried to Kill Border Patrol Agent in Texas

Illegal immigrant Saul Gamaliel Lopez Chile allegedly attempted to steal Border Patrol Agent William Davis’ pistol and shoot him with it on Wednesday morning in Brooks County, Texas according to recent court filings obtained by Breitbart Texas. A lengthy brawl then broke out between the agent and immigrant with two gunshots reportedly fired. Ultimately, Chile was apprehended by Agent Davis and his partner.  

According to the criminal complaint, filed on March 13, Agent Davis and fellow agent Jeffery Havicon were travelling along Lucero Road. Agent Davis noticed a person walking on a trail just off of the road–suspecting the man to be an illegal immigrant. Agent Havicon stayed behind as Agent Davis approached the man. 

When the man saw Agent Davis coming towards him, he reportedly attempted to run away but subsequently tripped and fell. The man, Chile, was apprehended after a brief physical struggle in which he allegedly threw dirt in Agent Davis’ face. Chile then told the agent he would lead him to a hideout spot where other undocumented immigrants were according to testimony.  

Chile led Agent Davis to an enclosed area, then allegedly attempted to grab Davis’ .40-caliber pistol. The two men physically fought over the gun for a period of time, during which Chile reportedly choked Davis. The criminal complaint states that two shots fired into the ground at one point. 

Border Patrol Union spokesman Rey Merino said it was the immigrant that pulled the trigger, according to The McAllen Monitor

Agent Davis finally grabbed hold of his pistol and attempted to shoot Chile according to testimony. The firearm, however, had jammed and become non-working during the brawl. 

The complaint said, “Agent Davis was beginning to get exhausted and Chile was on top of Agent Davis attempting to choke him. Agent Davis was able to grab the grab the firearm and retain the weapon… [He] attempted to fire the weapon at Chile but the weapon did not discharge.” 

Court records indicate that eventually Agent Havicon, who was in a separate area of the path, heard cries of help from Agent Davis. Agent Havicon had detained Ezequiel Centeno Melendez, an immigrant from El Salvador who was walking the route with Chile. Once Agent Havicon arrived on the scene, the two agents were eventually able to get Chile under control and apprehend him.

According to the complaint, Agent Davis was taken to a hospital in Kingsville, Texas, to be treated for various injuries on his face, arms, and neck. Chile remained largely unharmed after the incident. 

Melendez, who is a witness in this case, alleged that he and Chile had previously met at a Texas stash house. Chile’s alleged offense, as outlined in the complaint, is that that he assaulted a United States employee who was “engaged in the official performance of their duties.”

Saul Gamaliel Lopez Chile complaint by BreitbartTexas

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