Rick Perry to CPAC: 'A Little Rebellion is a Good Thing'

Rick Perry to CPAC: 'A Little Rebellion is a Good Thing'

NATIONAL HARBOR, MARYLAND–“A little rebellion is a good thing,” an energetic Rick Perry told a crowd at CPAC this morning. The Texas Governor immediately stressed that our economy is weakened and the road to prosperity lies within conservatism. “It’s time for a little rebellion on the battlefront of ideas,” he said.

Perry said free-loving Americans should look to the states, where we find the “laboratories of innovation.”

He pointed out that in blue states, the government plays an increasingly large load in peoples’ daily lives. But then, he said, there is the “red state America,” where the freedom of the individual comes first and government is limited. In these states, opportunity and jobs are on the rise, Perry said.

The freedom of power lies within the power of the states — Perry used several examples to argue that red states produce prosperity more effectively than blue states.

He pointed out that Texas has presided over the nation’s largest economic boom in a generation while liberal utopias like California and New York are economically hurting.

The future of our nation, Perry said, depends on our states and returning to the founding principles of democracy.

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