Texas Border Town Suspends City Manager in Underage Sex Assault Investigation

Texas Border Town Suspends City Manager in Underage Sex Assault Investigation

In from Rio Grande City, Texas the city commissioners met in a very unusual Sunday morning meeting to suspend City Manager Matt Ruszczak.

The suspension occurred amidst allegations of sexual assault involving a minor that landed a former Rio Grande City Boys & Girls Club employee in jail according to the The McAllen Monitor.  An investigation is underway to determine if city officials allegedly ignored past complaints.

After the special meeting of the City Commissioners, Ruszcak’s attorney, Allen Ramirez said, “As you all know, the Starr County District Attorney’s Office is conducting an investigation regarding the conduct of various city employees in connection with the arrest of Jason Solis on very serious charges of sexual assault of a minor.”

Rio Grande City Attorney Jacqueline Salinas said, after the special commissioner’s meeting, “It is only because of an ongoing investigation with the (Starr County) District Attorney’s Office, which the city is not handling.”

It appears, according to Ruszcak’s attorney, that there may be some question by the District Attorney’s office as to how the city handled its investigation into the sexual abuse complaints. 

“I know that this investigation is, in my opinion and what I’ve been told, is focusing on what city employees knew more recently in time, rather than in the past, with reference to Jason Solis,” Ramirez said.

The portion of the Sunday morning meeting dealing with the allegation and suspension lasted less than a minute-and-a-half according to The McAllen Monitor.

“It seems odd that Mr. Ruszczak is the only employee being singled out when many more employees of the city, salaried or contractual, are also being scrutinized in connection with this investigation,” Ramirez said. “In an election year, when this type of investigation shines a bright, unwelcome, and uncomfortable light on the mayor of Rio Grande City and the city commissioners as a whole, the city has decided, in our opinion, to attempt to shift the spotlight, completely and solely, on Mr. Ruszczak.”

Breitbart Texas’ request for comment from the District Attorney’s office is pending.

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