15-Year-Old Suspended for NSA Protest in Texas

15-Year-Old Suspended for NSA Protest in Texas

HOUSTON, Texas–A 15-year-old from Needville, Texas has been suspended from school for refusing to participate in the pledge of allegiance.  

In a recent interview on The Michael Berry Show, a syndicated radio show based out of Houston, Mason Michalec pleaded his case.  He said he loves America, but he is unhappy with the current state of the union, specifically issues involving the NSA and government surveillance.

Michalec says his silent protest started earlier this year at Needville Highschool but it was basically ignored by his usual teachers until another staff member noticed it for the first time more recently.  That is when he was disciplined.

Michalec says he has been sentenced to two days of in-school suspension by his principal and he could face further punishment if his protest continues. Michalec has not yet served his punishment. 

It should be noted that in many states, including Texas, in-school suspensions [also known as On-Campus Suspension, or OCS] are more common than off-campus suspensions because public schools do not get paid for days when student are not at school.

Officials with the school district were reached for comment by Breitbart Texas but failed to reply.  

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