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Dallas County Judge Runs and Hides After Agreeing to Breitbart Interview

Dallas County Judge Runs and Hides After Agreeing to Breitbart Interview

DALLAS, Texas–Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins ran off and disappeared after agreeing to an interview with Breitbart Texas about his plans to shelter the unaccompanied children being evacuated from the Texas border crisis region. The disappearing act occurred on the final day of the Texas Democrat Party state convention in his home county.

During the convention, Judge Jenkins announced his plans to bring approximately 1,000 migrants to the Dallas area to be housed in an undetermined shelter location. Breitbart Texas’ Kristin Tate reported the Judge saying, “We can’t help all, but we can help some.”

Breitbart Texas legal news contributor, Lana Shadwick found Jenkins talking with some of his staffers in the exhibitor area of the convention. She asked if he would agree to an interview on the issue with this writer. He agreed to the interview. Shadwick left him to come get this writer and the interview equipment. Returning about two minutes later, the staffers were still there, but the Judge was nowhere to be seen.

Speaking with a man who identified himself as the Judge’s campaign manager, this reporter asked where the Judge had gone. “He went back into the convention arena,” the campaign manager said. Taking my card and phone number he said, “I will find him and contact you for the interview.” Breitbart Texas is still waiting for that call.

Shadwick asked a Dallas police officer who was standing nearby where the Judge went. He told Shadwick that as soon as she walked away he turned and walked quickly towards the exit.

Breitbart Texas would welcome the opportunity to speak with the Judge about his plans for housing the unaccompanied children who faced great danger on their trek to the United States.

Bob Price is a staff writer and a member of the original Breitbart Texas team. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTX.


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