Previously Deported Mexican Felon Captured 80 Miles Into Texas

Previously Deported Mexican Felon Captured 80 Miles Into Texas

HOUSTON, Texas–An illegal alien who had been deported from the United States because of a felony drug conviction was captured near Falfurrias, Texas after sneaking back into the country. A friend of his paid a coyote to smuggle him into the country in Hidalgo county where he began the nearly one hundred mile hike that would leave him left for dead in South Texas only to be arrested by volunteer deputies working extra shifts in Brooks County.

The illegal alien, age 30, grew up in the United States having immigrated illegally as a child. He was deported six months ago after having served time for a felony drug conviction according to Daniel Weber, the head of the volunteer police officers who have come to the aid of the beleaguered Brooks County Sheriff’s Office.

The man had injured his ankle walking through the rugged terrain and deep sand. The coyotes of the group he was with left him behind for dead. He was discovered, according to Walden, after wandering for two days with no food or water. He was captured near the intersection of Highway 281 and Farm to Market Road 755 according to Walden.

The capture of the illegal alien felon came during a twenty-six and a half hour shift by Walden and one of his fellow reserve deputies for no pay as part of the Border Brothers of Texas program he created to help Brooks County. The county has had to cut down their staff to four paid patrol deputies because of the cost to the county of burying the dead illegal immigrants found on the ranches near Falfurrias.

Walden also reported he and his reserve partner responded to a drive-by shooting between two rival gangs operating in the area. “The members of the Tri-City Bombers gang were attacked by an unknown gang,” Walden told Breitbart Texas. “The victims refused to cooperate so we don’t know who the other gang is at this time.”

He said this type of shooting is illustrative of the dangers of working in this area. “We do this volunteer work without insurance coverage,” Walden said, “except for our own personal health insurance.” Brook County does not provide insurance coverage for its deputies because of the budget cuts that are breaking the financial backs of this lightly populated county.

“The twenty-six plus hour shift was a record for us,” Walden said about his reserve deputies. “Our previous record was twenty-one hours. We wanted to see if we could break it and we did!” He said the shifts start to feel long during the middle of the night and then something happens and they are charged back up by the opportunity to serve.

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