No Unaccompanied Minor Illegal Immigrants Will Be Housed in Dallas

No Unaccompanied Minor Illegal Immigrants Will Be Housed in Dallas

HOUSTON, Texas–Judge Clay Jenkins announced on Thursday that no illegal immigrants will be arriving in Dallas, Texas. 

The judge claimed that housing facilities in Dallas were not needed since the number of illegal crossers has dropped significantly, according to Fox DFW. Apparently, the most recent migrants to enter the country illegally may all be accommodated in facilities near the U.S.-Mexico border. 

Dallas officials were reportedly preparing various shelters to house 2,000 illegal immigrants, most of whom are children from Central American countries. 

Breitbart Texas political contributor Merrill Hope has extensively reported on Dallas residents’ reaction to the prospect of housing illegal immigrants in their city. 

Hope reported on an anti-illegal immigration protest held in Dallas over the weekend of July 18-19. Citizens who attended were concerned about the “overwhelming burdens Americans will face from the tidal wave of illegal immigrant children into the US including school overcrowding, disease, and costs to the American taxpayer. Many felt that the shabby treatment of US military veterans should hold a much higher priority to this nation.”

“I always felt safe and secure in Texas. Now my country is being destroyed slowly,” event organizer Valerie Villarreal told Hope.

The revelation that federal facilities for the migrants will not open in Dallas will likely please many of the city’s residents; however, the state of Texas has been the fed’s largest dumping grounds for released aliens. 

As Breitbart Texas reported earlier this week, 4,280 illegal immigrant minors were released in Texas as of July 7. Several other states–such as New York, Florida, California, and Virginia–received a large number of the minors but still nowhere near the number that Texas did. President Obama’s Health and Human Services’ process for deciding how many illegals are brought to each state is not known. The migrants’ foster families, or “sponsors,” are often located through nonprofit organizations.

If the number of illegal crossers at the border continues to drop, it is easy to imagine that the number of released aliens in Texas will do the same. At this point, however, it is not clear if the current decline is indicative of the long term future. 

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