Third Texas Ebola Victim Airlifted to Atlanta's CDC from Dallas

Third Texas Ebola Victim Airlifted to Atlanta's CDC from Dallas

DALLAS, Texas — Dr. Tom Frieden, the Current Director of the U.S. Centers forDisease Control and Prevention (CDC) spoke at a press conference Wednesday regarding the transfer of the second U.S. patient infected with the Ebola virus, Amber Jay Vinson, from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.

He confirmed that the second infected healthcare worker, Amber Jay Vinson, will be moving to Emory Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Frieden was asked why the patient was allowed to travel if she was supposed to be being monitored. Because she was in a group of people known to have been exposed to the first patient, she should not have traveled by uncontrolled means” Dr. Frieden said, “there were fifty that entered the room after Duncan was sick and they will no longer be able to travel by uncontrolled means.

Frieden was not specific on which legal authorities would enforce the travel restriction. He was also not clear as to how the other fifty people would be monitored in the future.

Dr. Frieden added that Nin Pham is in improved condition today and Amber Jay Vinson is ill, but stable.

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