Feds Looking For Former Matamoros Mayor on Money Laundering Charges

Feds Looking For Former Matamoros Mayor on Money Laundering Charges

Lubbock, Texas — A former mayor of the Mexican border city of Matamoros is now considered a fugitive and is sought actively by U.S law enforcement.

On Monday the U.S. Attorney’s Office announced the unsealing of an indictment against Erick Silva Santos for money laundering conspiracy, bank fraud and other financial charges.

The indictment, which was handed down under seal in July alleges that beginning in 2007, Silva employed several schemes to embezzle campaign contributions, accept kickbacks and ransack the city’s coffers.

The ill gotten funds were then transferred to U.S. bank accounts through wire transfers or deposits. According to the indictment, Silva then used these funds to invest in certificates of deposits in the U.S. and annuities in Bermuda. Silva served as the mayor of Matamoros from 2008 to 2010.Silva is the latest Tamaulipas politician to find himself facing action in the U.S. federal court system.  

Former governor Tomas Yarrington Ruvalcaba is currently wanted by the U.S Drug Enforcement Administration on drug and money laundering charges. 

Eugenio Hernandez Flores, Y Arrington’s successor has also been implicated in money laundering but has only faced civil action with U.S prosecutors moving to seize some Texas homes linked to him and allegedly bought with dirty money

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