Police Reporting ‘Heavy Automatic Gunfire’ in Ferguson

Police Reporting ‘Heavy Automatic Gunfire’ in Ferguson

Amid fire and looting, the St. Louis County Police Department is reporting heavy automatic gunfire coming from rioters.

The gunfire was reported near the intersection of West Florisant and Canfield Streets, S.t Louis County Police said via social media. Automatic gunfire refers to guns that are not readily available on the civilian market, because more than one shot is fired with a single trigger pull. While civilians are not able to legally purchase those weapons, there is a large underground market for them. St. Louis Police has not provided additional information about the shootings.

This is the latest escalation of anarchy in Ferguson as anarchy continues to reign over the city following a grand jury clearing Officer Darren Wilson of any wrongdoing in the shooting of Michael Brown.

Following the announcement of the decision, groups of protesters turned to looting, vandalism and now to shooting machine guns.  

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