Report: 1,400 People in US Being Monitored for Ebola

Report: 1,400 People in US Being Monitored for Ebola

While Ebola may not be dominating the news cycle anymore, some 1,400 individuals are currently being actively monitored for the deadly virus in the United States. 

The 1,400 individuals are “being monitored because they came from one of the four countries with ongoing Ebola outbreaks,” the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said in a statement, according to investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson.

Those being monitored reportedly reside in 44 states across the nation. They have all recently returned from trips to West Africa, where numerous countries remain heavily afflicted by Ebola. 

The Obama Administration recently announced that all passengers traveling to the U.S. from affected West African nations must fly into one of five airports where “enhanced screening measures” will be present: New York’s John F. Kennedy, Newark, Dulles, Atlanta, and Chicago. 

A United Nations document, obtained by Breitbart Texas, stated, “Passengers flying into one of these airports from flights originating in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea are subject to secondary screening and added protocols, including having their temperatures taken, before they can be admitted to the United States. These airports account for about 94 percent of travelers flying to the United States from these countries. At present there are no direct, non-stop commercials flights from Liberia, Sierra Leone or Guinea to any airport in the United States.”

Subsequent to Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian man, bringing Ebola into the U.S., it took the federal government several weeks to instate travel restrictions from afflicted nations. In early October, more than a dozen flights from Liberia were available on any given day. For instance, travels were able to purchase a ticket for as little as $1,400 that gets them from Monrovia, Liberia, to Washington, DC. 

At this point, in addition to designating the five airports for at-risk travelers, the CDC has additionally released a list of current U.S.-based Ebola treatment centers. In total, 35 hospitals are listed. 

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