Body Found by Texas Volunteers Could Be Missing Teen Girl

Abigail English
Photo: Texas Equusearch

HOUSTON, Texas – Volunteers discovered the body they believe to be that of a teenage girl who had been missing for just over one month.

The body of the young female was discovered with volunteers from Texas Equusearch, a non-profit that assists in searches for missing children. They discovered the body in a wooded area in a wooded area near the street where she lived, the Houston Chronicle reported. The family of the missing girl must now wait for the results of an autopsy being performed by the Harris County Medical Examiner.

15-year-old Abigail English went missing on March 22, Texas Equusearch reports on their website. She disappeared after taking her dog for a walk. The dog later returned home missing its collar. The young girl was never seen alive again.

Texas Equusearch joined in the search on Saturday, April 23, and shortly after beginning the search the missing dog collar and leash were found, KTRK ABC13 reported. About three hours after the search began, searchers found the young girl’s lifeless body. Texas Equusearch officials expressed confidence that the body is that of the missing Abigail English, but said the medical examiner will have to make the final determination.

English was initially reported missing as a runaway. However, last Wednesday Texas Equusearch was contacted because the family believed she went missing for other reasons, the Houston Chronicle stated. A friend of the young girl’s, a musician from California named VK Lynne, described English as a shy, sweet musician, the Houston newspaper reported. She “deserved a better childhood than the one she was given,” Lynne said. The friend did not elaborate beyond that but Texas Equusearch reported that shortly before their organization became involved in the search, California officials has begun legal proceedings to regain custody of the teen.

The search group reported the girl’s friends had told them “She only wanted a family, and to be loved.”

Texas Equusearch founder Tim Miller has filed papers in a California to be awarded guardianship over the girl’s body. The foster family she was living with in Shoracres planned on cremating her remains. Miller said he wants custody to give the young teen a proper burial next to his own daughter.

“This little child never had a chance in life. She was foster care for 13 years, all she wanted was a family. November 2nd she comes here to a family and it really didn’t work out,” Miller told KTRK reporters.

“When we have a throwaway child that never had a chance in life who wanted this family and ends up this way, something went wrong. Something went wrong and we’ll let detectives figure out what that is,” Miller concluded.

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