Police Charge Suspects in Texas Snapchat Shooting Video

Sierra Tarbutton - Snapchat video screenshot of alleged Houston Shooting.
Snapchat Video Screenshot
Houston, TX

HOUSTON, Texas — Harris County prosecutors charged two suspects in the shooting discovered after a Snapchat video went viral. The suspects are still on the run.

Cuellar and Tarbutton - Houston shooting

Cuellar and Tarbutton – Houston shooting

Prosecutors charged Michael Anthony Cuellar, 29, and Sierra Tarbutton, 27, with Deadly Conduct/Discharge of a Firearm from a Vehicle (felony) and Criminal Mischief (felony) after a video surfaced on Snapchat that shows the two suspects allegedly firing guns from a moving vehicle, according to court documents obtained by Breitbart Texas.

In the early morning hours of September 26, Cuellar and Tarbutton posted videos on Snapchat of them shooting at residences and businesses, the criminal complaint states. The defendants allegedly posted three videos of their escapade.

The first video “clearly showed defendant Cuellar shoot multiple rounds from a semi-automatic pistol at residences at or around the 15800 block of Memorial Drive in Houston,” the complainant states. “The second video shows Tarbutton shoot multiple rounds from a different semi-automatic handgun.”

Police identified the second gun as a Masterpiece Arms MPA30T MPA pistol. The pistol is loaded with an extended magazine and has a “fake suppressor” attached to the muzzle.

In the third video, Tarbutton can be seen allegedly attempting to fire the MPA pistol again. She is unable to fire the weapon due to an apparent malfunctioning slide.

A local business owner came forward and made a complaint after discovering the bullet holes in the sign in front of his business. That business is located on Highway 6, near the scene of the posted videos. The sign had recently been replaced at a cost of $33,000.

The complaint continues stating that Cuellar is a drug dealer and local rapper. His stage name is “Money Mike.” His alleged accomplice, Sierra Tarbutton, has a lengthy criminal history that includes threatening the lives of a police officer’s daughters. She is reported to have said, “That is two cute little girls, those are going to be two cute little tombstones.”

Court records show Tarbutton received deferred adjudication on two felony charges of Retaliation against a Public Servant and harassment of a Public Servant. As part of the plea agreement, Judge Mark Kent Ellis gave her a sentence of six years on probation. Judge Ellis also ordered her to make a $2,500 donation to the Houston 100 Club, a charity that provides resources to the families of slain police officers. Judge Don Smyth sentenced her to three days in jail in 2012 for possession of marijuana. In 2010, Judge Belinda Hill sentenced Tarbutton to four days in jail following her conviction on a charge of Hindering Apprehension.

The location of the two fugitives is not known at this time.

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