WATCH: Angry Parent Pummels Texas Student on Campus

Mary Alice Hernandez
Corpus Christi, TX

An angry mother was caught on camera purportedly attacking a student on a Texas public high school campus, according to a video making the rounds on Facebook.

Mary Alice Hernandez, 34, of Corpus Christi, Texas, was arrested after cellphone video surfaced of a woman repeatedly punching a teen girl at Miller High School. In the days immediately following the recorded incident, parents for the minor girl attacked took to Facebook seeking help to “find this lady.”

The video shows an adult female repeatedly punching the student in the head and upper body area until an adult male pulls the attacker away from the frame. The footage does not offer any context or events leading up to the blows being given.

“Please help me find this lady…my daughter didn’t want to hit her because she didn’t want to disrespect her since shes an older woman,” the student’s mother, Julie Piñon said in a public Facebook post.

As the post went viral, Piñon offered an update giving “the whole story”. She writes:

A kid by the name of Roel Garza, who goes to my daughter’s school, spread a disgusting rumor about my daughter that was untrue. My daughter, feeling violated, confronted him. Roel is the one who called that girl, Virginia to come and beat up my daughter. She showed up at my daughter’s school with her mom, Mary Alice munquia, knowing my daughter was still there for volleyball practice. Virginia approached my daughter and a fight started, the fight my daughter won. Virginia’s mother apparently couldn’t handle the defeat and decided to attack my daughter. My daughter did not want to fight the woman back, partly out of respect, and also because the woman clearly had an entourage that would have, without a doubt, hurt my daughter even worse.

Nueces County law enforcement took Hernandez into custody on charges of assault causing bodily injury on October 23 for the incident that reportedly occurred the week prior, October 18. Hernandez is being held on a $25,000 bond.

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