WATCH: Texas Mom Whips Son for Joyriding in BMW

Belt Whipping Mom
Photo: ABC13 Video Screenshot

A Texas mom chased down her 14-year-old son after he absconded with her brand-new BMW. When she caught up with the boy, she pulled him over and proceeded to spank him with a belt.

A joyride in his mom’s brand-new BMW came to an abrupt end after 14-year-old Aaron Martinez carried out an elaborate scheme to take the car for a spin in the neighborhood. With the help of other moms in the neighborhood, Martinez’s mother tracked him down, pulled him over, and proceeded to spank him with a belt. Martinez’s sister, Liza Campero captured the key moments on her cell phone and shared them with the world, KTRK ABC13 reported.

Martinez’s scheme began with shutting down their home WiFi router to stop his mother from being able to see his plan unfold. He then grabbed the keys and took off in her new car to pick up a friend.

The mom received a tip about the BMW boost from Martinez’s friend’s mom. She quickly called Campero, who lives next door. Campero ran to her mom’s house and verified the car was missing.

“She told me she was on her way home and to grab her belt,” Campero told the local reporter.

A quick phone investigation involving Martinez’s girlfriend and other friends led the now-enraged mother to her son’s location.

“Pull over now!” she yelled out her window as she honked her horn. She then turns to Campero and says, “Give me the belt.”

The sister captured the scene on video as mom jerks the car door open and proceeds to spank her joyriding son with the belt.

Campero said her brother learned his lesson. He admitted it was a crazy stunt.

Friends in school are calling Martinez “El Paso Ferris Bueller” after seeing the viral video and tweets from Compero. She said her brother has been relieved of all of his electronics, including a PlayStation 4. The parents removed his bedroom door and he is now only allowed to be in school or with his mom.

The sister says he is “grounded until further notice.”

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