Activist Killed During Cartel Attack on Mexican Municipal Building

Activist Killed
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An activist, a gunman, and a security guard died during an attack by cartel gunmen on a municipal building in the Mexican border state of Sonora. Two other innocent victims sustained gunshot injuries. Authorities have since revealed the attack was a failed cartel hit targeting the local police chief.

The attack took place this week outside of the municipal building in Guaymas, Sonora. During the attack, the state attorney general’s office issued multiple alerts on social media warning the public to avoid downtown Guaymas.

Prior to the attack, a group of activists gathered outside of city hall to protest violence against women. The city Mayor Karla Cordova stepped outside to meet with them and voice her support. As the meeting ended, a group of gunmen arrived and began shooting into the crowd. The mayor’s security detail attempted to fight off the attack.

The gunmen killed 18-year-old Marisol Cuadras and injured a second activist and a photographer. They also killed one of the mayor’s bodyguards. The security detail managed to kill one of the gunmen.

Since the attack, Sonora Governor Alfonso Durazo met with the parents of Cuadras and promised to get justice for the victims. According to information released by Mexico’s Navy, the attack was an attempt to kill Navy Captain Andrés Humberto Cano Ahuir, who was on loan to Guaymas as their police chief.

The state of Sonora has witnessed a dramatic rise in violence as various cartel cells linked to the Sinaloa and Beltran Leyva Cartels continue to fight for control of trafficking routes from Mexico’s Pacific coast to the Arizona border.

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