EXCLUSIVE: Sanctuary City Asks Texas Border Towns to Divert Migrants Away from Denver

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston and Texas Governor Greg Abbott.(File Photos: AP and Border Patr
File Photos: AP and Border Patrol

Officials in the city and county of Denver, Colorado, asked Texas border towns to distribute flyers aimed at discouraging migrants from traveling to the Mile High Sanctuary City after crossing the border from Mexico. Denver officials asked the border communities to distribute flyers saying the city is out of resources to take care of migrants and that low-cost housing is unavailable.

Matthew Mueller, the executive director for the Office of Emergency Management for the City and County of Denver, sent an email to officials in Texas communities of Brownsville, El Paso, Houston, and Dallas advising that they “can no longer provide the same level of sheltering resources to newly arriving persons in Denver.” Mueller said his office is reducing the maximum length of stay for migrants arriving as of October 4, according to documents provided to Breitbart Texas by Texas officials.

City and County of Denver

City and County of Denver

Mueller went on to ask the officials to distribute flyers, printed in English and Spanish, to the migrants or to post them in shelters, NGOs, or any other areas where migrants wishing to travel to Denver could be staying.

The flyer advises “asylum seekers traveling to Denver” that “Denver’s resources have been exhausted. The flyer stated that single adult migrants arriving in Denver will have a 14-day stay limit in shelters.

“If you are coming to Denver seeking shelter, it is important for you to have a plan,” the flyer continues. “The city cannot provide shelter long-term.”

The sanctuary city officials also warn the migrants that  housing in Denver is “very expensive and there aren’t many affordable housing options available.”

Since May 18, the State of Texas bused approximately 2,400 migrants to the sanctuary city of Denver, according to a statement from the Office of the Texas Governor. Long before the busing of migrants from Texas, then Denver Mayor Michael Hancock told CNN that his city had to “declare an emergency over the influx of migrants it has received.”

“I issued the declaration of emergency earlier today because we’ve seen a steady stream, really over the last six days, we’ve seen over 472 people come to our city as we start to track the migrants after I activated our emergency operations center, just beginning to really stress our systems and really stress our financial condition in the city of Denver,” Hancock explained.

In contrast, the Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector, which includes the city of Brownsville that Denver asked for assistance, apprehended 2,353 migrants on Tuesday — one single day. Denver officials did not appear to offer any assistance to the City of Brownsville.

Mueller also ask for assistance from El Paso officials. Border Patrol agents in the El Paso Sector apprehended 951 migrants on Tuesday, according to unofficial reports reviewed by Breitbart Texas. Denver officials did not appear to offer any assistance to the City of El Paso.


Current Denver Mayor Mike Johnston also declared the city to be in a state of disaster as the migrant crisis continues.

Johnston, who took office earlier this year, put the blame on Texas Governor Greg Abbott for what he falsely called “involuntary arrivals” in Denver.

“We still continue to see particularly what I would call these involuntary arrivals, which are folks that have been put on a bus by Governor Abbott and sent to us,” Johnston said on September 7. Many of those folks had no plan to come to Denver.”

“They arrived here and are trying to get to family in Chicago, they have friends or family in Boston or in Salt Lake City, you name it,” Johnston continued. “For those folks that do want to stay we’re going to try to get them connected to work options.”

All migrants who board buses provided by the State of Texas sign voluntary statements, including the bus’s destination, before boarding the buses in Texas, Division of Emergency Management officials in Texas previously told Breitbart.

A dashboard operated by Denver shows the city is currently serving nearly 22,000 migrants — 257 arrived on Tuesday. Only four migrants are being held in city-run shelters. Another 2,597 are in NGO shelters.

Only 11 percent of the nearly 22,000 migrants being serviced by Denver arrived on buses from Texas.

During Fiscal Year 23, which ended on September 30, more than 1.2 million migrants were apprehended in the five Texas-based Border Patrol Sectors, Breitbart Texas reported. Hundreds of thousands of these were released into Texas by the Biden administration.

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