Attorney Working on Sheriff Laurie Smith's Campaign: Repeal 2nd Amendment

Attorney Working on Sheriff Laurie Smith's Campaign: Repeal 2nd Amendment

Silicon Valley attorney Rich Robinson is working on Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith’s (R) re-election campaign and simultaneously pushing for a “repeal” of the Second Amendment.

Prior to working with Smith’s re-election, Robinson worked with Barack Obama (D), John Kerry (D), and Ted Kennedy (D), among others. 

Writing for the San Jose Inside, Robinson says the 2nd Amendment is out of date–that it was written at a time when “muskets were the arms of the day” and our nation was “mostly rural.” Even in that setting, the 2nd Amendment, he asserts, was a collective right meant to aid those fighting in the militia.

Robinson says Elliot Rodger’s “mass killing involving guns” at U.C. Santa Barbara means it is time to “rescind the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment.” Robinson did not mention, however, that Rodger’s attacks also involved knives and a car: he stabbed three people to death and tried to kill another four by running them down with his BMW.

Writes Robinson:

The 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution is an obsolete 18th century right than has no utility in a 21st century modern democratic Republic. It needs to be repealed to allow the states the capacity to reduce mass violence which has become all too common with the invention of mass produced weaponry never conceived or anticipated by our Founders.

He asks “Congress, the States and the American people to … [establish] a new unalienable and fundamental right to be free from violence.”

Note to Robinson: See Thomas Jefferson. Neither Congress, the states, nor the people establish “unalienable” rights. Rather, we are endowed with them by our Creator.

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