California Climate Change: Antarctic Ice Melt May Wipe Out Venice Beach

California Climate Change: Antarctic Ice Melt May Wipe Out Venice Beach

Although some may say good riddance to the side-show behavior at Venice Beach, Climate Central is predicting that, within 30 years, global warming-triggered conditions could produce “unprecedented coastal flood heights in the Los Angeles area.”

The LA Weekly reported that a prediction of devastation caused by climate change has been accelerated. The revised forecast now claims that severe coastal flooding could have an effect on 6,000 L.A. County residents, cause 1.4 billion in property damage, and affect 32 miles of public roads. 

Moreover, Climate Central posits that, by mid century, 12,000 people and $3 billion in properties will be living below the vulnerable three-foot-high tideline in Los Angeles County, with 90% of those totals concentrated in Venice and Long Beach.

The non-profit organization further predicts that, by mid-century, the West Antarctic Ice Sheet will collapse. That, along with increasing Antarctic ice loss, will result in higher sea levels, three feet above our average current high tide levels.

Ben Strauss of Climate Central contends that we don’t have to wait until 2050 to see the dangers of global warming. “Sea level rise means more floods, reaching higher, and that’s already happening today. In Southern California, floods threaten small bays and port areas. The open coast won’t flood, but erosion will increase on beaches and rocky shores,” he said.