San Francisco is No Longer the 'LGBT-Friendliest' City in U.S.

San Francisco is No Longer the 'LGBT-Friendliest' City in U.S.

A new study from finance website NerdWallet reveals that San Francisco is no longer the most “LGBT-friendly” city in the United States, although three California cities did make the Top 10.

According to the data, Seattle is now the most LGBT-friendly city in the country, with San Francisco coming in at number two.

The NerdWallet rankings are based on three distinct factors: the percentage of households with same-sex partners in each city, each city’s LBGT-friendly laws and opportunities, and the number of sexual-orientation-related hate crimes in each city per 100,000 residents.

Seattle earned the top spot, with the largest percentage of households with same-sex partners at 2.6% and an “Equality Index” score of 100. Seattle also had among the fewest incidents of sexual-orientation-related hate crimes per 100,000 residents, at just .95.

Next was San Francisco, with 2.5% of households with same-sex partners, although the city’s hate crime numbers were the second-highest in the Top 10, with 2.54 hate crimes per 100,000 residents.

Other California cities making the list are Oakland at number four and Long Beach at number five. When NerdWallet expands the list to include the Top 20, San Diego comes in at 16, Los Angeles at 18, and Sacramento at 20.

The rest of the study can be found here.