LA, San Francisco Spar Over George Lucas Museum Site

LA, San Francisco Spar Over George Lucas Museum Site

Is the Force stronger in L.A. or in San Francisco?

The answer to that question may determine where a new museum dedicated to Star Wars creator George Lucas ends up.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is behind a new hashtag movement, #WhyLucasInLa, which hopes to convince the museum’s backers to select the City of Angels, not San Francisco, as its future home.

The Lucas Cultural Arts Museum may not pick either city. Chicago also is under consideration. For now, there’s some heated state-level competition to grab the future museum’s attention.

But [Garcetti] is serious, Molly Fowler of his press office said Wednesday. He also has a potential site. It’s the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, former home to several professional sports teams and close by Lucas’ alma mater, the University of Southern California. According to Fowler, the city is prepared to tear down the 55-year-old facility if Lucas wants….

The reaction from Lucas spokesman David Perry? You guessed it: “We are grateful for everyone’s enthusiasm for this project. The Museum team is considering and analyzing its options, but will not comment on any potential sites or cities at this time.