Dogpile: Former Intern Sues Sterling

Dogpile: Former Intern Sues Sterling

The Los Angeles Times reports that Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, already besieged for his racist remarks, is now being sued by a former intern for the team.  

Frank Cooper is suing the team because he says he worked 40- to 50-hour work weeks without getting paid in fall 2012. 

Cooper claims he staffed fan booths at Staples Center, helped create basketball clinics for fans, made sure players gave autographs, and sent season tickets to fans. Cooper wants to be compensated with back pay, damages and attorney’s fees.

Maurice Pianko, Cooper’s attorney, said he is expecting other people who have worked for the Clippers as interns to join Cooper in the lawsuit. He asserted that he has spoken with some of them. Planko added, “Many, many employers are simply misclassifying their workers, calling them interns and therefore feeling they are absolved from paying them.”

The Sterling Trust’s representative would not comment for the Times.