Foo Fighters to Play Richmond Following Crowd-Funding Plea

Foo Fighters to Play Richmond Following Crowd-Funding Plea

Concert tickets can be hard to come by, but imaging ponying up for a ticket to a concert that technically doesn’t exist yet.

A group of die hard Foo Fighters fans in Virginia did just that, and soon the quartet will be playing in their town as a result.

Using crowd-funding site Crowdtilt, the four — Andrew Goldin, Brig White, John McAdorey, and Lucas Krost — rallied Richmond residents to buy tickets to an as-yet imaginary show, figuring that a goal of $70,000 would successfully sell out a venue and pay the band if reached.

Did the stunt work? Some local businesses helped spread the word and fill the coffers, and the campaign reached its fiscal goal over the weekend. Best of all, the Foo Fighters apparently learned of the plan and sent the fans a message via Twitter.

“See ya soon…let’s have a good time.”

No firm plans for the concert are set as of yet, but should everything go as planned it’s hard not to imagine other music fans rallying their pals to coax their beloved bands to play on their turf.