'Godzilla' Stomps Competition at Chinese Box Office

'Godzilla' Stomps Competition at Chinese Box Office

The summer’s glitzy reboot of the famed Japanese monster Godzilla proved a hit with American audiences. Still, domestic ticket buyers seemingly prefer the Captain America reboot as well as X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Not in China, where the big, green lizard is rompin’ and stompin’ the competition–with or without the biggest soccer tournament across the globe.

The massive sporting event certainly doesn’t seem to have dented box office in China where Godzilla roared to the best opening of 2014 while Edge Of Tomorrow and X-Men: Days Of Future Past continued to perform (see below). In Europe, on days when the major national teams play, box office can be down by about 50%-60% in the home markets, and by about 20% if the home team isn’t involved. The phenomenon may not be as drastic this year because of the time differences between Europe and Brazil which means most games are airing late at night on the Continent.

Perhaps Chinese movie goers find it amusing to see Godzilla and friends lay waste to an American city or three.