SF Restaurant Creates Giant Grilled Cheese Cake

SF Restaurant Creates Giant Grilled Cheese Cake

The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen in San Francisco has taken two home-cooking classics to a gargantuan level with their new creation: the giant grilled cheese cake. 

“It’s about 32 sandwiches, made with Tillamook Monterey Jack and Medium Cheddar. We build the layers (each two sandwiches deep) in springform pans and then stack them, with six layers total,” said co-owner and head chef Heidi Gibson, according to SFist.com. 

Heidi also mentioned that the cake she just described above is only a modest version of what she’s capable of creating: “I’ve made them twice as big!”

The giant grilled cheese cake is even garnished with florets of aerosol Easy Cheese.

Heidi is a seven-time national grilled cheese champion who also holds a masters degree in engineering from MIT. She and co-owner Nathan Pollak, who is also the general manager, together comprise Team American,whose mission it is “to serve the tastiest grilled cheese sandwiches using the highest quality local and unique ingredients; with the best possible individualized service.” Nathan is an economics and classics graduate of UCLA.

As for their giant grilled cheese cake, foodies who wish to indulge in a slice–or more–of this grilled cheese heaven can place a special order via email with The American 48 hours in advance. The emails can be sent to the restaurant’s South Park or Mission locations.

Photos: Facebook