Mom Wants Necklace With Daughter's Ashes Inside Returned

Mom Wants Necklace With Daughter's Ashes Inside Returned

A stolen necklace containing the ashes of a 23-year-old girl has her mother pleading for its return.

Brittany Brown of Barstow, California, passed away from a rare liver disease in 2012, according to CBS Los Angeles. Her mother, Karen, got necklaces and filled them with some of Brittany’s ashes for her family to wear to honor her memory. 

On Thursday night, one of her daughters left her car door unlocked and the necklace was stolen from the car’s rearview mirror. 

“It just feels like a part of me is gone. Someone took a piece of her, and I would like her back, you know,” Karen said to CBS. 

Barstow Police said that, despite a series of break-ins around Karen’s community recently, they are calling this a petty theft because the door was not locked, notes CBS. “She knows now to lock her car at all times for everything,” said mom Karen.

Brittany’s sister Destany told CBS she wears her necklace every year on the anniversary of her sister’s death. “Every now and then I’ll think about it, and I’ll start crying because I miss my sister. I really do,” she said.

The distraught family hopes the thief will return the necklace due to its sentimental value. “There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about her,” Karen said.