'Potty Parity' Bill Aims to Bring Diaper Changing Facility to Men's Room

'Potty Parity' Bill Aims to Bring Diaper Changing Facility to Men's Room

A proposed “potty parity” bill in California will make it mandatory that diaper changing facilities be available in public men’s restrooms as well as women’s.

CBS Sacramento reported that, now that women have become more active in the workforce, men have taken on more of the child rearing obligations, including diapering babies. The whole matter seems to make sense to Sean Rogers and Jennifer Henderson. “My husband changes just as many or more diapers than I do,” Jennifer remarked. 

Although most public women’s restrooms already have diaper changing tables, men’s rooms are not so equipped, says Rogers. “You have to sometimes improvise,” he said. “You have to sit down and do it in your lap or find a corner somewhere and hope no one’s watching.”

Doyin Richards, known for his blog “Daddy Doin’ Work” and as the star of a viral video with his two daughters, is a proponent for changing stations in men’s rooms. “That’s just basically saying you know that women change diapers and men don’t,” he said. “I probably change 85-90 percent of my kids’ diapers.”

According to a 2013 government study, about 90 percent of dads who live with their kids acknowledge that they bathe, diaper, or dress their children every day or several times a week. A TODAY Parents‘ survey of about 1,000 dads revealed that 54 percent of modern dads change diapers, while only 37 percent say their fathers did. The study also pointed out that a whopping 75% of modern dads say fatherhood is their most important job.