D.A.: LAPD Officer Who Fondled Masseuse Must Resign

D.A.: LAPD Officer Who Fondled Masseuse Must Resign

The L.A. County District Attorney’s office said Wednesday that an LAPD officer who allegedly forced masseuses to undress and then fondled them, has pleaded no contest in a bargain that includes his forced resignation from the Los Angeles Police Department. 

Officer Oris Pace, 49, did not dispute that he sexually assaulted three female masseuses while on duty, according to LA Weekly. Part of Pace’s responsibility as a law enforcement official at the department’s Commission Investigation Division was to check on the business permits of massage parlors as well as other businesses. 

As part of his plea deal, Pace will not only need to resign, he will also serve a 180-day jail sentence and do three years of probation, according to LA Weekly. His sentencing will be formalized on August 8 by Superior Court Judge David Horwitz.

In November of last year, two seasoned LAPD officers came under investigation for allegedly forcing four women to commit indecent sexual acts on them while threatening jail time if they refused, over the course of four years.