OC Register: CA Police Under-report Shootings

OC Register: CA Police Under-report Shootings

On June 29 the Orange County Register published the results of an investigation that concludes that California law enforcement agencies do not report every fatal shooting in which they are involved. 

The Register specifically claims “one in every five fatal shootings across Southern California isn’t counted in official statewide and national homicide reports.”

According to the Register, “widespread reporting flaws” were discovered “by comparing state data and district attorney records from hundreds of shootings between 2007 and 2011.” Because of these flaws “at least 67 fatal shootings weren’t disclosed as required by state law.”

The register reached out to “31 law enforcement agencies” with their findings and received favorable responses. 

For example, the Register discovered “at least 14 fatal shootings” that went unreported from 2007-2011 in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department alone. That Department has already responded to the Register’s investigation by addressing “training issues” in an attempt to correct their reporting omissions.

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