Casey Kasem Not Buried Yet Due to Family Feuding

Casey Kasem Not Buried Yet Due to Family Feuding

The legendary Top 40 voice, Casey Kasem, died on June 15–but he hasn’t been buried yet. His body lies in Washington state and not in Glendale, CA, where he wanted to be buried, ostensibly because of a family feud between his wife and his children.

Kasem’s widow, Jean Kasem, claims Kasem’s children are pursuing Kasem’s life insurance policy, while her step-daughter, Kerri Kasem, asserts that Jean Kasem is stalling because of a possible investigation into whether there she could be charged with elder abuse.

Keri Kasem said on The View, “I don’t know what’s going on with [Jean] and why she makes the decisions she does. If I knew I would tell you. I would try and make amends. I would say, ‘I’m sorry Jean. What happened? … Why do you hate us so much?'”

TMZ reported that Jean Kasem stated, “Their impatience for Casey to die was obvious… and now their impatience to collect on the life insurance is even more telling.”

Kasem’s children, including Kerri, believe that Jean Kasem encouraged her husband to move to Washington state from California to gain distance from his children. They also think that the journey north produced bedsores for Kasem that led to his death.