California Prodigy Scores Perfect 2400 on SATs

California Prodigy Scores Perfect 2400 on SATs

Maadhav Shah, a California-based prodigy, scored a perfect 2400 on his SATs, placing the 16-year-old in the the pool with a very select few who have achieved the same.

Last year, only 494 students out of 1,660,047 scored perfectly, according to the local Fox 40 News affiliate in Sacramento. That figure places the top-score-earners in the .03% pool of perfect test-takers.

“I started prepping a few weeks before, maybe five [or] six weeks before,” said Shah. “I was hoping I’d get a good score, I wasn’t expecting a 2400.” Shah was so surprised that he checked to make sure it was in fact his name and email attached to the score. “I was really happy when I found out I got 2400,” he said to Fox. 

Shah, 16, graduated with three associates degrees last month from American River College, while he was still just a junior at Granite Bay High School in Sacramento, California. He is now gearing up for his senior year, while preparing to apply to several four-year universities. He plans to pursue a degree in engineering.