Latest Trend: Body-Slamming Garage Doors

Latest Trend: Body-Slamming Garage Doors

First there was planking and Tebowing, which was followed by teapotting, and even Trayvoning. Now, there’s body-slamming garage doors in what residents in one California town are calling the latest, and expensive, trend that has youth vandalizing the exteriors of neighboring homes. 

Video footage obtained by CBS News in Sacramento shows what police allege to be teens hitting homes under the cover of night, running at high speeds before thrusting themselves into the air and against garage doors, causing extensive damage. The latest fad and crime is reportedly taking place in Elk Grove. 

Several homes have been hit throughout the city and homeowners are the ones who are paying for this “reckless” crime.

“I think it’s probably young kids looking for summer fun. But it’s not really fun because we have to pay for it,” a woman who spoke on the condition of anonymity said to CBS. Replacing a damaged garage door could cost $1,000 according to victim Elk Grove resident Todd Barnes who spoke to reporters about his personal ordeal with the results of the body-slamming garage trend. Barnes said he called a repair man out to check his garage door after he could not get it to open: “He took one look at it, in 10 seconds, and said yeah this is toast.”

Another victim of the trending crime told CBS Sacramento, “[W]e are hard-working people. Money don’t grow on trees.”

Police are seeking the presumed teenage criminals who will reportedly be charged with vandalism if they are caught. 

Image: YoutTube via CBS Sacramento